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As Sky News anchor, Adrian Simpson will say “it is really designed for the man who never wants to grow up.” And the men of STAIR-ROVER Ltd are a testament to that in ways of a childlike soul, and our aim is to create a groundbreaking sport of longboarding and surfing combined to empower people with the daring ability to grind on land and surface in style, and to invite all challengers of these sports to discover more tricks and fun on mankind’s most historic and classic urban landscape. Stair-Rover has been in development for the past two years. With the aid of laboratory testing and feedback from our riders, the Stair-Rover has evolved through no fewer than 17 different prototypes.

The Allrover team is passionate about commercialising new design-led ideas, and has significant experience in design, marketing and commercial strategy:

  • PoChih: a product designer graduated from the Royal College of Art, responsible for designing and developing the Stair-Rover.

  • Ard: a commercial strategist with over 23 years experience in advising businesses of various scales, including start-ups.​

  • Quake: a designer’s sidekick responsible for operation, fulfillment and marketing, also founded one of the first Chinese crowdfunding platforms.

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